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Male Chastity Training

Male Chastity Training

I have had my fair share of men that have fallen into my trap over the years. It is funny how these guys will do just about anything I ask them to do when they think they are going to get laid at some point during the night. What is even funnier than that is that they always end up wearing a male chastity device and not getting laid. At least not in the way that they were assuming they were going to be getting laid. Some people might think it’s a bit rude, but I’m looking out for my pleasure and that is just how it’s going to be.

Of course, getting those guys to wear the device for the first time is a bit difficult if they have never tried anything like this in the past. I have had numerous men think that they are in for some hardcore bondage experience when I first pull out one of these devices. That has naturally scared a few of them off, but I feel that if they aren't ready, then I really don’t want to have to deal with them all that much anyway. I just hate wasting my time if I don’t have to.

There are a few guys that are willing to be trained to the whole male chastity lifestyle, but you have to be careful with the training aspect. There are some guys that don’t understand what it takes to train someone that isn't aware of what chastity slaves are all about. Some think it’s a big joke and that, after a couple of hours of wearing the device, they get to take it off. What they don’t understand is that I don’t let them take it off until I have decided that they have earned the privilege.

I have to protect my slaves from being too eager to actually have sex. You need to make sure that you keep them on a very short leash when you are first starting out. If they think they are going to be able to get away with something, then they are going to try it every single time. They need to understand right off the bat that when the device goes on, they are under your control no matter what they might think about it. Sometimes you have to actually beat that in to a few of them before they understand it fully. Although, that can be a lot of fun as well.

Training my first male chastity slave was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Not only was I new to all of this, but the poor guy I had as a slave was not all that smart. In fact, trying to get him into the device for the first time required me to get him so drunk he had no idea what I was putting on his cock. That just isn't all that fun if you ask me, though. I like the guys to know why I am putting them in a small metal cage for their cocks.

I love the look of defeat on their faces when they see me clicking that lock together and there is nothing they can do about it. It gets even better when I am able to tease them a bit and I get to see the look on their faces as their cocks starts to get hard but aren’t able to get an erection fully. I live for things like that. It’s one of those things that makes me happy that I ever decided to become a chastity owner in the first place.

 For me, the whole idea of male chastity is forcing the unsuspecting twit into the device so that he can please my every need. This may not be for everyone out there but I greatly enjoy it and that is what happens to turn me on the most. I love the fact that I can convince a guy to put his cock in something that isn't a part of my body and he does it willingly because he trusts me. Granted, that trust goes right out the window when I refuse to give him the key back and he has to wear that device for a few days.

It usually takes them a few days of wearing it before they realize that they are to do exactly what I want them to do without questioning me. Most people would simply consider me a Mistress for the BDSM lifestyle, and I will confess to using a lot of tricks form the BDSM world, but I don’t really get too involved with the bondage aspect as much. A few handcuffs here and there aren't too much to expect form me, though.

You have to be willing to versify your sexual experiences in order to fully understand what turns you on the most. That is why I enjoy the male chastity aspect so much. I always find guys that have never heard about it or know very little about these types of devices being used like this. Then I can train them the way I want them to be and explore my sexuality in the process. It’s fun and exciting for them and I learn a lot about me in the process as well. Of course, there are some guys that are always looking to take things a bit too far as well.

If you are thinking about becoming a chastity slave owner and you are looking for new men to train to your every whim, then you need to make sure they understand where you are going to draw the line. Some guys are really looking to delve deeper into the slave and submission aspect than you might have considered, and that can really catch you off guard if you aren't aware of it. Some guys have a deep seeded need to go into the darkness inside them even if they don’t fully understand it and will attempt to use you to do it.

Now if you are okay with that side of the male chastity lifestyle, then you should have as much fun with it as you possibly can. But if you aren't looking to take it that far, then you will need to make sure they understand that before they start taking it to an uncomfortable lever with you in tow. Of course, if you are any kind of a decent slave owner, you wouldn’t let them take you down any path you didn’t lead them down in the first place, but starting out as a beginner means you might not know all of this yet.

Once you have done your own research on this lifestyle and you know where you want to go with it, then you can find men to train. It’s always easier to understand what you want your slaves to do if you take the time to research things first. Never rush into something like this without knowing what it is you want to accomplish. Even if that means taking your sessions only so far to begin with and leaving them wanting a lot more than what you are offering.

Trust me; they will be back if they are still wearing their male chastity device anyway. They will be expecting to have it taken off the next time they show up for a session. You need to make sure they understand that they can get the device taken off and have all of their fantasies fulfilled with you if they are willing to please you as you wish. Then, you give them a few simple tasks that they can easily please you with to keep them interested. Kind of like giving a treat for a dog that does a simple trick.

Once they have that simple trick down, you try to teach them to do something more strenuous in order to get the same treat. If they don’t succeed, then they aren't going to get that treat. These men should be treated the same way in order for you to get what you want out of this. Give them something easy to do and tell them how great they are at pleasing you when they have done it right. Then, give them something that they aren't going to be able to master right off the bat and let them work for that key.

If you play your cards right, you can keep a slave in his chastity device for weeks on end before he is able to please you enough in order to get the key back. Just remember that when he does finally please you, then you actually do have to live up to your offered reward. That is why the task needs to be something extra special because they may not want to put that male chastity device back on again. They need to feel like it is something special for them to get a few hours with no cage on their cock, but they understand that afterwards they have to put it back on and do it all over again. It’s a vicious circle that you have to play with these slaves, but if you do it right, then there is nothing more exciting and orgasmic that you can experience in your entire life.

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